Being Who You Were Called To Be

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Being Who You Were Called To Be

We all were children once, and that is why we have a special connection with being Who You Were Called To Be. When we pray and ask for the Father in Heaven, He’s there. He’s the One Who called us to be spirit children. We are the one called to be the child of God, because Jesus said so. And, because He’s our Master, He’s also our Defender, too!

So, you’ve been given the opportunity to become a part of God’s kingdom. It’s your calling, as is any one else’s, to be a part of His Kingdom. And, as a Spirit child, you have that opportunity before you today! Everything you do is an opportunity to take another step forward into the kingdom of God. And, the greatest gift you can give yourself is the privilege to become Who You Were Called to Be!

Think about it. If Jesus was calling you to be his child and to be His foster-father and to be a good steward of God’s precious things, you probably wouldn’t even think about it. You just said, “I’m a kid!” But, when we’re told we can be the child of God, we really hear those words, “You are to be the child of God!” That’s a big difference!

That’s what Jesus told us when He said, “Behold, I am the resurrection and the life of the Lord Jesus!” What an awesome statement! Because that means, if you choose to follow Jesus, you will become the life and the death of the Lord Jesus. That is the promise of Jesus!

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And that brings us to another thing. If Jesus said you will become the life and blood of the Lord Jesus, why would anyone choose to be a child of God? Why would anyone want to follow the Son of God, who said he came to save all mankind? Why would someone want to be spiritual and live holy and righteous lives, while knowing they were “called as children of God”?

The answer is simple. There is no “being who you were called to be” except through Christ. When you have put aside your sin for Christ alone, you become what God has created you to be… children of God!

When you’ve turned from your sin to become a child of God, you’re given the opportunity to become whatever God has chosen to become. So, don’t waste that chance. Don’t waste your life!

Life is not about what others think of you, it’s about what God thinks of you. If you’ve followed Christ and have put away your sin for him, he will bless your life with great things and let those who matter to see how much you truly are. Don’t squander your opportunities for greatness! When you are a child of God, there will never be a limit to the things you can do!

You were only called to be who you were called to be! That’s it! There’s nothing more to it than that! When you stop looking at who you were called to be and start looking at who God wants you to be, you’ll begin to see your goals and desires blossom before your very eyes!

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Think about it. When did you feel inspired to study and learn new things? When did you decide that you would stop living in fear and give your life over to Jesus? When did you say, “I’m going to become the person God wants me to be?” If you haven’t begun searching for the answers that He gave you, find them right now!

God didn’t promise you that you would live in greatness or achieve great things if you follow his teachings. He didn’t say you’d have miraculous miracles happen to you. He didn’t say you would be a successful business owner or win the lottery. He said that whatever you desire you can accomplish!

So, stop being who you were called to be! Stop trying to be someone else! Start being who you were called to be! Start your life today by following in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ, and you’ll find that it’s never been easier to earn your living in this earthly time!