Dating Outside Your Faith – A Tough Decision

Your boyfriend didn’t believe in God, and now you are dating someone who doesn’t believe in God. Can you blame him? I sure can’t.

dating outside your faith boyfriend doesnt believe in god

I had a friend who once told me she’d be fine with dating a non-devout person if that person also didn’t believe in God. To my friend’s disappointment, she said it didn’t matter to her who he was because she was dating someone who didn’t believe in God. I asked why she said that, and she said it didn’t matter to her if he was a Christian or not.

My problem with that is that Christians are taught that they are saved from hell because of their sin, but that doesn’t make sense to me at all. What makes sense to me is that if you’re dating someone who doesn’t believe in God, that automatically makes you a bad person – and even though I can understand how a person might feel, that’s not the way I want to see my future with a boyfriend. And yet, dating outside your faith just seems more plausible.

So, you are considering dating someone who doesn’t believe in God. You’re probably wondering if there is something wrong with that, and if so, what? Is it truly wrong to date someone who doesn’t believe in God? The truth is that there isn’t anything wrong with dating someone who doesn’t believe in God, and if you believe in God, then I’m sure that you’ll agree that you too should be allowed to date someone who doesn’t believe in God.

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Well, you have to realize something else: I would never let anyone tell me that it wasn’t important to him if he believed in God. It’s vital to my relationship with him. But, that’s not the only reason why I’d consider it important. I’d also never let someone tell me that it was not important for me to believe in God. If it was something that he didn’t believe in, then why would I value it?

After all, why should I put my relationship with my boyfriend into any kind of gamble or risk? After all, we’re talking about his religion and his upbringing, which is why I believe it’s so critical to be fair. If he believed in God, would you be willing to give up dating him? I’m guessing that you wouldn’t, so why would you let someone who doesn’t believe in God have a shot at dating you?

It’s simply not right to put your entire life into a relationship with someone who doesn’t hold the same beliefs that you do. In fact, if he does hold those beliefs incorrectly, then it could very well end up ruining our dating experience. What if you said you were going to try your best to keep it a secret? What if he found out one day that you were trying to date other people while he was out with God? This would definitely turn him off and cause unnecessary heart ache.

My boyfriend understands how important it is for both of us to maintain a level of respect. He also understands that sometimes it’s necessary to look beyond our faith when trying to find someone that we can fall in love with. I hope that you realize what a difficult situation this might be for you and for your boyfriend. Even though you believe in God, there are times when it’s necessary to choose other priorities over him.

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Are you ready to begin dating outside your faith? If so, there are some things that you will need to make sure you are comfortable doing. For instance, let’s say that you are a person who believes in honesty and if he finds out that you are planning on being unfaithful to him, would you still feel confident dating him? Would he still want to be with you?

This is just one example of many that could occur. The point I’m trying to make is that you would have to decide for yourself whether or not you’re willing to give up your beliefs in order to be happy. Is it worth risking your faith and reputation over some small issue?

It’s totally up to you. If you are truly looking to meet someone special and someone that you could share your life with that shares your same beliefs as you, then dating outside your faith shouldn’t be a problem at all. After all, the most important people in your life are also going to be those who bring you joy. Just be sure that you and your man are prepared for this and work through any issues that might arise.