Does Diet Coke Cause Cancer?

Does diet coke cause cancer? That is a question that has gained some traction over the last decade. As we age, our bodies do adjust to the amount of calories we are consuming. However, many dieters unknowingly abuse their bodies by replacing fats with diet coke or sweets. The dangers of a low calorie diet can start to rise when it is combined with high caloric foods. This can lead to developing medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and many more.

Aspartame has been found to have aspartame and other sweeteners as a possible carcinogenic. So if you are looking for an alternative sweetener to replace your regular sugar or calorie filled drinks, look for something with less calories. If you think the taste is less appealing choose something sweeter such as non-diet soda. If you combine it with diet soda, you can lower your calorie intake without sacrificing the taste. You can find diet sodas in most grocery stores and it is healthier than a diet coke or caramel coloring.

If you look at the ingredients of diet sodas and coke you will notice the main ingredient is aspartame. This chemical can cause severe damage to your kidneys and raise your blood pressure. When combined with obesity, it can cause you to develop a life-threatening condition called metabolic disorder. If you are dealing with any of these issues and think diet soda or coke may be causing cancer, it is best to quit and avoid all possible future exposure.

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The one thing that causes cancer more often than not is radiation. Radiation is emitted from medical imaging devices such as x-ray machines. If you go to a doctor for a check up and they ask you about your diet, they are likely to check your diet of recent months. If you have a lot of salad and vegetables in that check up, you are more likely to have cancer than someone who eats fast food and has a lot of animal fat. Cancer causing agents are found nearly always in the tissues of those who consume high levels of animal products.

Now that you know what could cause cancer you might be wondering if diet soda is bad for you also. To answer that you would need to learn more about what aspartame actually is and how it works within your body. Aspartame is a natural sweetener. It is made from the natural bacteria Aspergillus or just as you may know, the common sweetener that is commonly used in many processed foods. Aspartame is actually an amino acid which reacts when fed to the body and creates numerous health benefits. Some of those benefits include:

Diet soda can have the same affects on the body as diet coke. It can cause cancer in two different ways. First off diet coke could be making you fat because it is filled with aspartame which feeds cancer cells. On the other hand diet soda can cause inflammation throughout the body and therefore could cause cancer.

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The best solution to this problem would be to choose an alternative sweetener such as Splenda. Splenda is manufactured by a company called ConAgra and was introduced in 1996. The main ingredient in it is a substance called sucrose, which is a natural sweetness substance produced by sugar cane. The process of manufacturing the product involves some type of trans-fructose polymerization, which makes it much sweeter than sugar cane and therefore much more like regular sugar. As a result diet soda and coke do not feed cancer causing cells and Splenda is even healthier than regular sugar because it does not cause obesity, which is one of the biggest causes of cancer in the world today.

The other thing that diet coke causes cancer is due to the aspartame that is used to promote it. Aspartame is also naturally present in cheese, which most people know. However, if you have ever eaten a meal where there was an abundance of aspartame or noticed that your favorite foods always taste the best after eating a rich cheese then chances are you have consumed aspartame. Many people unknowingly believe that eating aspartame-rich foods will cause them to develop cancer, but this is simply untrue and should be taken to the extreme in order to avoid this dangerous myth.