How to Get Back With Your Ex-Boyfriend After He Unfriends Me – Use Facebook to See If He Has Friends

A while ago my ex boyfriend unfriended me on Facebook. I was shocked and hurt that he would do that to me. He called me up one day and told me that he didn’t want to be friends with me because I treated him like “tycoon”. Well, let me tell you that is not true at all. There are many reasons why my ex boyfriend unfriended me but the main one is because he thought that I was a millionaire.

my ex boyfriend unfriended me facebook

Now, this is a fact. I have been called many names that are very flattering but I didn’t deserve them. So, don’t think that because you’re a woman, you can talk some sense into men. My ex boyfriend was always trying to talk sense into me. He thought that if I would just listen and take his advice then things might change. But, the truth was that he couldn’t even have a conversation with me because I wouldn’t talk to him.

He decided that it would be a good idea for me to unfriend him on Facebook. Why? I thought that if I took a break from him that he would start to miss me. Apparently, he didn’t think that I needed a break either. After he unfriended me on Facebook, I started to wonder what he thought I did wrong.

My ex boyfriend was always trying to impress me. He would call me up and ask me what I was doing and where I was going. Of course, I didn’t tell him that I was going out with my friends. And of course, he never minded.

It’s unfortunate really. In order for people to be good friends, they need to have a reason to spend time with you. With my ex-boyfriend, there was never anything else. There was no reason for him to get to know me beyond saying hi and leaving me messages on my Facebook wall.

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This is the problem with some men. They see other people as sex objects. They see women as sexual beings, that they can throw their bodies at. When they see a woman they find attractive, they don’t think about her being their friend. If my ex-boyfriend had been around more women, perhaps he would have developed a better relationship with them.

What can you do to help in situations like this? You should definitely take care of yourself by eating well and exercising. But, you should also try to get in touch with your ex-boyfriend. Communication is the most important thing when you are dating someone.

This is especially important if the two of you broke up because he probably feels the same way about other girls. Many guys get so depressed over break ups that they begin to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. You should do the same if you want to feel better and develop more friendships. If my ex-boyfriend was on Facebook, he would see all of his female friends and it wouldn’t be much of a problem for him to get back together with me.

People who use Facebook have a lot of free time. They choose whatever time they want to log on and see what people are doing. They don’t care if there are people around them. They have other people in their life to be concerned with. My ex boyfriend was on Facebook a lot and that might be why he took it over so that he could spend more time with me. He didn’t see the point in me logging onto it every five minutes to see if he was at it or not.

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It might seem like I’m taking this thing too far, but he’s just using this as an excuse. He thinks that if he doesn’t answer my calls or messages then I will unfriend him. The truth is that he probably doesn’t know how to reply to my messages because he is so used to communicating via text. Plus, the fact that I am calling him has probably turned him off even further. He probably doesn’t even see the point of making contact with me when all he wants to talk about is the fact that we haven’t been able to get together.

The best thing for you to do now is just to ignore him. Don’t contact him for a few days, until the feeling around him fades away. Don’t invite him to any of my friend’s events either. After a few days of doing this you will start to notice a new attitude from him, and he will eventually see that he has nothing to worry about from me because I will be sending him messages through other people.