How to Get Over the One Who Got Away

How to get over the one who got away? It’s the question that’s been plaguing all the lovers and spouses in this world. We all know it. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably just like most people. No doubt, you want to know how to get over the one who got away. But first, let’s discuss how to get over the one who got away from you.

how to get over the one who got away

In fact, no matter how long we’ve been in a relationship, the pain of betrayal can still come back to haunt us. Why is that? Is it because we’re simply being led on by our partner? Or is there something else? It may sound absurd, but if you really think about things, all your experiences with your partner have been nothing but experiences of how to get over the one who got away.

That said, it’s true. All those painful memories of the one whom you loved can never be forgotten. The good news is, you can actually prepare yourself before your next “one got away” event so that you won’t have to go through those painful moments again. In fact, you won’t have to “get over” the one who got away to begin with. You can begin the healing process immediately!

First, let’s look at why it’s so hard to let go. You’ve done everything you can think of to make your relationship work. You’ve taken time out to be together, you’ve tried your best to build a strong foundation, you’ve raised your children, you’ve stayed faithful, and most of all, you’ve stuck by your partner. So how in the world can you let them go? It’s almost as if your partner has completely betrayed your trust and your love.

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When we get hurt by another, our first instinct is to run away from the person who caused the hurt. Whether it’s someone we’ve known for years or someone we just met, the feeling of being betrayed and hurt is too much for us to handle. If we’re unable to face the pain, we might even blame ourselves for having gotten hurt. This isn’t healthy. Instead of searching for how to get over the one who got away, you need to seek out and find ways in which you can heal yourself.

One way to do this is to actually examine what contributed to your relationship’s demise. If you spent too much time worrying about the other person, you may have done this by pushing all your worries and resentments on them. You may have blamed them for your misery and your lack of success. The truth is, you caused your own problems. You can’t blame them for your suffering, but you can learn how to get over the one who got away by learning to focus more on yourself and less on others.

Another important step in learning how to get over the one who got away is to acknowledge the part you played in the decline of the relationship. No matter how hard you’re trying to forget about what went wrong, you can’t succeed if you don’t acknowledge that you’ve done some of the same things that made your relationship end. Focus on the things you’ve done right during your relationship and try to find something positive that you did wrong, too.

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Don’t give up and assume that the pain will go away on its own. It doesn’t work that way. Your relationship with that special someone was unique to you and it won’t be repeated by everyone who enters into a relationship with someone they barely know. But while you learn how to move forward from this experience, be sure not to let it define you. After all, your new relationship isn’t going to take the place of the one you’ve lost.