My Boyfriend didn’t Have Time For Me – How I Finally Cured His Anger & Got My Ex Back

My boyfriend says he has a lot of time for me but I’m starting to wonder if he really does have time for me at all. My relationship with him is starting to become strained because of his lack of interest. He spends hours on end at his job and when I get home he leaves me alone to go do my own thing. This makes me feel like I’m being pulled in so many different directions and it’s starting to take its toll on my relationship.

my boyfriend doesnt have time for me

It used to be when my boyfriend first said he had time for me that I was thrilled. But now, he spends two or three hours at a time at work and that’s it. When we are together, he spends five to ten minutes at a time with me and only sometimes if it’s to see a movie. So how does a relationship that used to be so fun and full of passion get so sad?

The answer is simple. My boyfriend didn’t have time for me. I started to wonder why this was happening to me. I realized that the more time I spent with him the less interested he became. The more time he spent with me the more he would try to pull away from me. His time with me was limited and it was beginning to turn into nothing.

My relationship with my boyfriend ended when I said I needed some time by myself. I had been doing well in school and had many friends but my social life were lacking and my grades were suffering. My grades were suffering because I spent so much time with my boyfriend and after a while it started to cut into my free time. I began to become very depressed and started to wonder what could be done to fix my life. After extensive searching I discovered this problem and began to try and figure out how to fix it.

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My boyfriend and I didn’t spend any time apart, even though he would come home from a game and spend hours playing with his kids. This was very difficult for me because he made me feel like I wasn’t important enough for him to be spending time with. After discussing this with him he began to change his habits around. He started to show more interest in me and would ask me questions about my life. He took an interest in spending time with me and quality time spent with my family.

After realizing how badly my boyfriend neglected me I started to cry. I asked him why he didn’t spend time with me and he told me that it was simply because he didn’t feel I deserved it or because he felt I was wasting his time. After realizing how little he valued me and the impact of his actions on me I began to find hope again.

My girlfriend was now going out with her girlfriends several times a week and spending more time away from me. I began to worry and thought that perhaps I had to start caring for myself and taking care of my health. This also caused me to lose more weight, which is something my boyfriend was no longer allowing me to do. I finally realized that it was time for both of us to move on from the “I love you” phase and realize that he loved me just the same.

After talking with my friends and my boyfriend I realized that I had to do something to change his behavior. My boyfriend didn’t show interest in spending time with me anymore. My attempts to get him to talk to me on the phone were met with him cutting me off the phone. This went on for several months and it was getting more difficult for me to deal with. Finally I decided that enough was enough and I decided to end our relationship.

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