Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend?

should i break up with my boyfriend

Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend?

If the question, Should I break up with my boyfriend? is on your mind, you absolutely should.

Before you’re in too deeply, however, it s a great idea to be aware of what to watch for in an unhealthy boyfriend relationship. If you feel uncomfortable or even worse yet like you’re at risk, then the best move that you can make is to leave the relationship now. Here are some signs that indicate that it’s time to break up:

If he no longer cares about you as a person. – If your boyfriend has moved on beyond just being a good friend, he’s obviously developed a true affection for you. But if your feelings have abruptly changed for the worse, he may not be feeling as close to you as he once did. He may also seem distant and aloof towards everything that involves you. Another signal that it’s time to break up is if he doesn’t show interest in the things that you do. Instead of just being a casual acquaintance, he seems preoccupied with his work or school work.

If he makes several excuses for why he can’t be with you. – If he consistently pats himself on the back and makes excuses for why he can’t be with you, then he probably thinks that you don’t truly love him as much as he thinks. You should really believe in yourself more than he does. If you want to know “How do I do to win back my boyfriend’s love”, it’s important that you believe in yourself more than he does. If he never cared about you before and now regrets it, that’s a clear sign that the two of you need to take a break.

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Signs that suggest you should break up are when your boyfriend becomes emotionally distant and neglects to spend time with you. Another one of the signs that suggest you should break up is if your relationship is becoming physical. If you two are together and he becomes abusive physically, this means that you should break off the relationship. If he refuses to leave you alone and you find him drinking and smoking behind your back, this also means that you should break off the relationship.

If he calls you the N-word. – If your boyfriend has used the n-word when referring to you in his speech, that’s a major problem. You should break off the relationship and move on because using such an abusive word towards you will only cause you mental pain and make you feel like a lesser person in his eyes. It is impossible to move on after someone uses such a powerful word to degrade you.

Signs that suggest you should break up are when he acts jealous when you talk to other women or when you decide to go out together. Another sign that says you should break things off is when he makes lame excuses to avoid meeting you. When this happens, you can pretty much guess that he doesn’t really love you and doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you. He probably feels that all women are stupid or can’t hold a decent conversation so he doesn’t want to have to deal with you. A man in love doesn’t want to deal with dumb people and he would rather be with someone who is intelligent and wise.

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If you want to be with a man who is willing to love you and spend the rest of your life with you must stop trying to make him change. If you want to have a healthy and lasting relationship with a man then you should give it to him completely. This means ignoring any signs he is trying to push you away. Instead take a big fight to him and show him what a better person you would be without him and he will see that it was the right decision. You should really give your relationship some time to mature before trying to make your boyfriend fall in love with you again.