Stages of Leaving an Abusive Relationship – What Are the Stages of Giving Up An Abusive Relationship?

The stages of leaving an abusive relationship can be a very long road filled with bumps along the way. Most people who are in the midst of an abusive relationship do not even realize that they are experiencing these stages. There is something that they may miss out on because they are too engrossed in their current situation to notice the signs.

stages of leaving an abusive relationship

This is why it is important to recognize the stages of leaving an abusive relationship. At the first stages, the victim may not have any idea what is going on. They may seem to be functioning fine but deep down inside they are miserable, frightened and overwhelmed. The victim may feel guilty for feeling this way as they may blame themselves for their partner’s behavior. It is normal to feel depressed during this stage but don’t forget that you are not responsible for your partner’s behavior.

The second stage is becoming numb to the pain and suffering being caused to you by your partner. During this stage, the victim may feel numb to everything around them. They will become detached from their surroundings and lose all interest in life. While this stage is definitely harder than the first, it is a necessary stage in the process of leaving an abusive relationship.

The third stage of leaving is basically knowing what you want and need in your life when you leave. This stage involves coming to terms with the reality that you are not going to see or live with the person that your partner abused. If you have survived the violence, this stage should not be too difficult to reach.

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The fourth stage is about taking action. By this stage you should have taken appropriate steps to change the relationship. It would be inappropriate for you to just sit back and hope that this is all going to work out. You have to take action to make sure that you get the results that you are looking for. Be prepared for further violent behavior and abuse from your battering partner. Be ready to face them head on, knowing that you have allies everywhere that are willing to stand up for you.

The final stages of helping others while you are in the process of ending relationships that involve physical or emotional abuse are about acceptance and depression. Accepting that you cannot change your past and moving on is the hardest thing to do. Depression can set in as you accept that you are powerless against your abuser. It is important to remember that you are not weak for enduring the abuse, but you are probably just as strong as your attacker.

Dealing with leaving an abusive relationship is never easy, but it can be done. The longer you ignore the situation and think that it will go away on its own, the worse things will get. Do not underestimate yourself. You can be a survivor and beat the attacks of sexual and physical abuse.

Dealing with the stages of leaving an abusive relationship is not easy. It might start with just denial. But if you cannot face the truth, then the truth will eventually break through. Once you are aware of the truth, you can then find the resources you need to get help. You might even find that it is your best decision yet.

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If you are afraid that you might get battered women in your life or feel that you might be in danger in the relationship, then this is also a stage of leaving. The fear of danger and the stress of living in a violent relationship can often make a person ill. Some people get sick from being around violence. They can get depressed, get a poor diet, and even get physically ill. These are common things that many battered women go through.

The final stage of this is going back to live with your parents. This is a tough step, but it is better than putting up with another relationship that may cause serious trouble down the road. If you do not take action now to at least give your safety and to avoid putting yourself into a position of danger, then you will regret it for sure. And you can kiss your independence goodbye. You can even get arrested if you go back to your parents!

Remember that each stage is easier than the previous one, as long as you can take action in time. It takes just some time, but it can all be over in a matter of months. So, once you have decided that leaving an abusive relationship is the right thing for you, then act quickly. Know that you are not alone, and there are a lot of people who went through what you are going through. Don’t let things get you down.