The Truth About Why Married Men Cheat on Their Spouses

truth about why married men cheat on their wives

The Truth About Why Married Men Cheat on Their Spouses

One of the most popular questions on relationship topics is “Why do married men cheat on their wives?” While there is a legitimate sense that men cheat for different reasons, there are also a fair share of men who simply don’t know where to turn when it comes to seeking an answer to this question. While there are those who get it and those who don’t, there is one group of men who nearly everyone appears to question: those that are divorced and widowed. Surprisingly, these men cheat on their wives because they do not understand the dynamics that surround their situation.

It’s difficult to understand the psychology behind why men cheat when they’re married to someone who still loves them. Many men start out with high self esteem and a strong sense of what they want from their relationships. Unfortunately, over time these men can sometimes lose that footing and feel like they have been “sold” a bill of goods by their wives. Over time, these men can start to feel that their wives have changed or have become emotionally distant. This may be one of the reasons why married men cheat.

There are a variety of different things that happen over the course of time that can change the dynamic of relationships. For example, one of the most common reason why men cheat is that their wives begin to change emotionally. This can be particularly true in a relationship where children are involved. It’s important to remember that men and women cheat for completely different reasons. However, there is something to be said for the idea that wives can actually be affected by the changes that men experience in life.

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The biggest issue with women is that they can often change as quickly as men can. When men cheat, it’s because their wives have changed – emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and even romantically. It’s not fair to expect a man to be immune to emotional changes, especially when many times it has little to do with them actually loving their wives any more. Unfortunately, that’s just not how it works.

Another reason why married men cheat is that they get bored with their wives. It’s been proven that men often look for excitement in new women, so when the wife becomes boring and does not provide it, they look for excitement elsewhere. If a married man feels his wife isn’t exciting enough anymore, he will seek out excitement elsewhere. In fact, he might be tempted to find someone else!

One reason why men cheat is that they become depressed. The truth about why married men cheat often glosses over this fact. They believe that their marriage is what keeps them going. If this was true, then it would only make sense to stay married and work things out. The problem is that depression is an awful thing and it leads to other issues like infidelity. In fact, many men end up in therapy because of their depression.

A third reason men do as they do is because they don’t like their appearance. Obviously, one way for a man to deal with the idea that he isn’t pulling his own weight in the marriage is to look better. Men often feel unattractive and begin to take steps to change that. The problem is that women often see these changes as being positive rather than a symptom of something negative that is going on within the marriage. To the woman, it could be that she’s just being overly sensitive.

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As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why married men cheat. Understanding them is the first step towards healing. You can learn more about how to cope with infidelity and you can find out the truth about why married men cheat on their spouses. It takes a willingness to really explore the problem, but that’s half the battle.