When God didn’t Restore a Broken Relationship – What to Do When God Can’t

when god doesnt restore a broken relationship

When God didn’t Restore a Broken Relationship – What to Do When God Can’t

How hard is it to believe God when He said, “God didn’t restore a broken relationship”? For me, it is even harder. When I lost my spouse, there were so many times that I thought that life was over. I thought that nothing I did would make her love me again. I thought that I was a horrible person for thinking that way.

But, when God didn’t restore a broken relationship, all those thoughts were nothing. I realized that I was looking at things from a negative angle and that was causing me much pain. So, I started searching for other ways to look at the situation. That’s when God came along and changed everything for me.

When I look back now, I realize that God did speak to me on the phone and He was willing to work with me to get my relationship back. How? By using the power of the Holy Spirit. He used the words, “You know I am powerful to restore your relationship” to actually say it.

That’s when I knew that I had to act like God was talking directly to me. I had to go out and do what God wanted me to do. That’s not always easy but it can be done. I started doing things in my life that I was not willing to do before. This included getting out of the house more, going to see my doctor more often, spending time with family and friends, reading more books, and even went to spend time with my old college boyfriend.

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All of these things worked. But, the best part was the fact that I started doing it in a way that I wasn’t going to worry about God. I felt like I could go with God in every step and move in His direction. It all made sense and that allowed me to walk in the direction of what God wanted for me to move in.

I still keep in contact with my ex and she knows that I am doing great in my life. She is happy for me and we are able to have some fun. However, it has been a while since I’ve spoken to her and I really miss it. I want to know that God is working in my relationship with her, even though I no longer see her.

She is the one that I’m really thankful for because I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for her. What I mean by that is I wouldn’t have had the relationship that I do now if it weren’t for God. It’s almost like God gave me a second chance. I’m just making the most out of the situation that He put me in. When I talk to her she sounds fine and all, but she won’t say that she feels the same way as I do. It’s really weird but that’s the way it is in her life and mine too.

The relationship we had was not like the relationship we have now but it was better than what we had. I am thankful for what God has put me in and I know she is too. So I guess I will take this information and use it to figure out how I can get my ex back. Who knows, maybe she will be calling me too soon!

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There are some ways that people can win back a broken relationship. I had been doing the wrong things and wasn’t keeping up with the relationship at all. She was paying attention to other people more than me and only focused on the people I was screwing up. She was doing the wrong thing and I needed to do the right thing. One of those right things is to listen to her exactly where she is coming from. It may sound selfish but it is necessary.

By doing so, I learned that God wants to heal the brokenness in your heart. He also wants to bring you back to who you are supposed to be. If I had gotten together with my ex before I found out she was cheating, I would have made the right decisions. I would have done more than just apologize. I would have asked for forgiveness and talked to her about the problems we both had in our relationship.

The relationship was messed up because it was God’s plan for me to get hurt. I didn’t make the best choices and God didn’t decide to save me. However, if I had made the right choices, then we would have made it. I did the most important thing when I wanted to get back together with my ex.