Who You Were Called To Be

Being Who You Were Called to Be is the most meaningful gift of all. It is not the last gift. In fact, it is the first gift. It’s your greatest blessing and you have to give it away as soon as possible. Don’t wait for too long.

being who you were called to be blossom

If you are in a situation where you are waiting for who you were called to be, try this exercise. Look at yourself in the mirror. Really look at yourself and ask: Am I really being who I was called to be? If you answer “yes,” then you are going exactly where you should be going. If you answer “no,” then you need to work on changing your mind so that you answer differently.

Ask the question: Am I loving myself right now? When you say “am I loving myself” what do you mean by loving yourself? Does loving myself mean that you are valuing and appreciating who you are as a unique individual? Do you believe that you were created to be a miracle?

The greatest calling in your life is to be a miracle. That’s why God gave you the seed of the tree of life. Everything else follows after that. So why are you afraid of answering the calling you were given?

When you are afraid to answer the calling you were called to be, it means that you are blocking the flow of the power you were given. You are holding back and you are limiting your potential. You are saying: “if I am to become who I was called to be, then this is not going to happen.” Yet, if you face the person you want to be, and you set aside fear and resist the flow of the power you were given, then miracles will happen. When you face your dreams, and you take actions to follow those dreams and goals, you become who you were called to be.

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Think about it. If your life is full of limitations, how could anyone ever call you to be? If you had been given the opportunity to choose which path to take with your life, would you have allowed the circumstances that surrounded you to hinder your ability to be who you were called to be? Of course not.

You were given the power to choose whom you are going to be. Now, take this power and use it for good. Help others, and help yourself. Become the person that God has intended you to be, and you will begin to see miracles happen. You will no longer be afraid of being who you were called to be, but you will see the possibilities that were there all along.

The people you were meant to be are waiting for you, but you must begin to act upon what God has placed in your life. Begin to follow your dreams, and begin to find the strength within yourself to begin to follow God’s voice. When you do, you will know that it has all been worth it.

It is said that when a man seeks for his dream he searches for something that will never be fulfilled. He may know what his dream is but will never be able to experience it until he actually finds it. Many people will wake up one day and realize exactly what their dream was, but you must listen to the dream so that you can let your dreams become a reality.

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This does not mean that you become a baby sitter or that you become a nanny for the rich. If your dreams are not fulfilled, you should begin to listen to God’s voice. He is the one that has placed those dreams into your heart. Then, when you begin to seek out your dreams you will hear His voice calling you to fill your life with His dreams and His peace.

When you were being who you were called to be, there were many things in your life that were causing you discouragement. The world is not the way that you were taught to live. There is more happiness in serving others and being the change that you want to see in the world. When you are in your ministry, you will see the good in every situation and in every person that comes through your doors. You will be holding the keys to their future happiness.

When you are in your calling upon you to serve others, you are being who you were called to be. Then, when you go out in the ministry and begin to see the good in everybody, you will see the reason why you were called to be that person. You will be changing lives today with your love, your joy and your presence. Do not wait another day to fulfill your calling upon you.